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SCJS Studios is pleased to have partnered with Anthony Wright in helping young artists achieve their dreams of recording their own music. Anthony Wright co-writes all of the songs with these up & coming performers, generously sharing all of his songwriting experience with them. He is also a gifted videographer. Here are some samples of the beautiful music coming out of these projects.

Alessia Scanga

• Levels
• Lighthouse
• Relapse
• Talk To Me

Cassie Acevedo

• Breakthrough
• Breathe
• Come Back to Me
• Everything Will Be Alright
• New Eyes
• Unrequited Love

Ishaan Grotra

• Fearless
• Give It A Minute
• Summer Song
• Magic Christmas

Janiah Hines Brown

• In the Dark
• Speechless To You
• The Way I Am

Jennifer Ramalho

• Drama
• Easy Lover

Julia Romanelli

• Boy Best Friend
• I Hope This Finds You Well
• Sad Girl

Melanie Cabral

• Far Away From Home
• Searching
• Unspoken

Sabrina Barreto

• Better Without You
• I Hope You Know
• Warriors

Sahana Murali

• 2 AM
• Remember
• Time of the Year

Sarah McLennan

• City Lights
• Sarah’s Way
• Summer Vibe

Savanna Tarditti

• Afterlife
• For Me
• Mask

Shane Aludud

• Family
• Right Now
• Thank You

Sophia Jin

• Fake Friends
• Kid